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Growing together
with growth hacking

Using a combination of data, technology and creativity, we challenge the way marketing is done. Growth hacking is a process where we experiment quickly and smartly to find the most effective way to grow your brand. We work data-driven and focus on the entire funnel from first contact to ambassador of your brand. Did you know that there are 201 other channels besides Google & Facebook that you can use to grow?

Why great brands work with us

  • Demonstrated growth results for B2B, B2C, e-commerce & apps
  • A clear growth strategy with innovative tactics to make it happen
  • Support from a multidisciplinary team of data wizards, developers, UX/UI experts, performance marketers and growth hackers.
  • A fun and ambitious team with a no-nonsense and results-oriented mentality

Growth Hacking how does it work?

Growth hacking is a process of quickly discovering what makes an organization grow. We do this with our rapid experimental method. We make decisions based on data, use the latest technology, and use creativity to discover unique growth opportunities. The team composition is different from traditional marketing team, so we are also able to achieve different results. We focus on the entire funnel, from awareness to conversion and from first order to returning customer and ambassador of your brand. We help our clients with the long-term growth strategy and have the operational clout to execute the strategy together with our clients.

When have you tried something new to grow your organization?

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking

With proven techniques we crack your complete funnel
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Before we get started with growth hacking to make an impact for your business, it is extremely important to get the basics right. Sprints & Sneakers works super data-driven. To properly measure all our efforts, activities and experiments, we make sure your infrastructure stands like a house.
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Growth for Good

Growth for Good

We like to think and help with projects that do something good for the world
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Growth Audit

Growth audit

With a growth audit, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your growth strategy and identify potential opportunities and threats. Relevant insights into the existing growth strategy ensure that we don't have to reinvent the wheel and can therefore achieve rapid steps towards growth.
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Work we are proud of

We are proud of the work we do! This is because the growth of our clients is always at the heart of Sprints & Sneakers. In recent years, we have been able to help a lot of great brands. From digitization to extraordinary virals. Check out our cases here.
Qmusic wil zoveel mogelijk mensen bereiken in haar missie om plezier, energie en een goed gevoel te brengen in het leven. Sprints & Sneakers helpt daarbij met slimme, data gedreven campagnes en laat zien dat marketing niet stopt bij de standaard media-inzet.”

Making an impact on a better future

“Growth for good” is what we do and what we believe in. As the Netherlands’ first B-corp Growth Agency, we are committed to organizations that do good. Many of our clients contribute to the 17 SDGs. Are they not doing this (yet)? If so, we are happy to help and guide them through this.

Growth Hacking with Sprints and Sneakers is done because of:

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