10x more revenue using LinkedIn b2b lead generation.

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10x more revenue using LinkedIn B2B lead generation

I’ve been using LinkedIn for a while now and it has changed my life. The last few weeks my LinkedIn profile has exploded, thanks to the combination of my own posted content and Sales Navigator. Especially finding your target group and being able to follow and help them in a targeted way is of great value.

LinkedIn completely changes the power of social selling. The tool helps sales professionals to find potential customers and build customer relationships through social selling. Read on to see how the tool can help you to increase your turnover.

Social selling experts see on average the following results:

  • 45% more sales opportunities
  • 51% increase in the chance of actually achieving sales targets
  • 80% increase in productivity


1. Saving Leads

LinkedIn Sales Navigator keeps track of who your potential customers are for you, by storing the company and the lead for you. This allows you to see the updates and changes that they and their company place in the news feed. You can now use this information to increase engagement. LinkedIn will then introduce you to other potential leads within the account.

2. Connections

This function allows you to filter in Sales Navigator. It identifies your potential new customers and their network. Imagine how valuable that is to you.

3. Lead Builder

By using more extensive filters than the standard LinkedIn filters, you can now search much more specifically. From the search you can save leads to follow updates. You can now start a targeted conversation with your potential customers.

4. Combine connection request with valuable content.

On LinkedIn it is not possible to send a link in your connection request. Sales Navigator does make this possible, so you can immediately distribute valuable content or invite your prospect to a webinar/event. This way you make sure that your first LinkedIn contact is a valuable one.

5. Automation makes everything more efficient

In addition, with advanced (external) software it is now even possible to automatically target your ideal target group. However, this only works if you have a customer-oriented LinkedIn profile. The rule here is that you will not abuse it. You only need to apply it with a solid foundation. If you use this correctly you will receive leads on the automatic pilot. And then you’ll notice that a world opens up for you. Before you know it, your LinkedIn profile is booming business.

6. LinkedIn saved search

If you use the lead builder you will receive a result from the search engine. You can save this result. If you save this search result you will receive weekly new potential leads that now also meet the search criteria. Reason enough to start looking at these new results again.

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