ABM Playbook: Personalized Marketing on a Budget

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ABM Playbook: Personalized Marketing on a Budget


Account-based marketing (ABM) is quickly becoming the go-to marketing strategy for generating higher quality leads and increasing engagement. ABM emphasizes generating personal experiences for individual prospects, as opposed to the traditional marketing approach where a broader audience is targeted. Many smaller businesses believe that ABM is only for those with large budgets but, in this post, we aim to dispel this idea with a comprehensive account-based marketing playbook designed for small marketing budgets.

ABM Workflow:

Small budgets require strategic thinking in the ABM workflow. For instance, one should select only the most promising accounts. Secondly, extensive research must be conducted to tailor the messaging and content, creating effective, personal content. Lastly, ABM campaigns should be executed to each target account through any of the targeted delivery channels – email, LinkedIn, or direct mail.

Why ABM?

ABM is beneficial for small businesses on a tight budget in several ways:
  • Higher customer engagement.
  • Creates a personal connection.
  • Builds stronger relationships for increased conversions.
  • Saves marketing costs by targeting only high-value demographics.

ABM vs Traditional Marketing:

In traditional marketing, it is difficult to get the attention of the target audience. In contrast, ABM uses personalization to create a connection with customers, helping them make informed decisions at every stage of the buying process.

Examples of ABM Programs on a Budget:

Many businesses have already implemented successful ABM programs on limited budgets. A software company with a budget of $1,500 conducted extensive research on its account’s technology stack. Personalizing its messaging it increased sales conversations by 270%. A B2B IT security firm created a LinkedIn group for its target accounts which helped to generate over $250,000 revenue in 3 months with a fantastic 42% conversion rate.

Best Practices for ABM Programs:

To maximize the effectiveness of your ABM program, continually tweak your ABM strategy to optimize its ROI. Tailor channels to your target accounts’ persona and buying behavior. Keep more track of critical metrics and data, such as email open and click-through rates, conversion rates, and engagement on social media.

Call to Action:

To maximize your pipeline and generate high-quality leads on a limited budget, an ABM program is worth considering. Our personalized ABM playbook provides all you need for a successful ABM program. Subscribe to our newsletter or speak to an expert today to learn how ABM can help your business grow.


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