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Amazon advertising: The next big thing in the Netherlands!

You’ve probably already heard the news, Amazon is coming to the Netherlands! With deep-filled pockets and an enormous reach around the globe, we know for sure that Amazon will cause an earthquake across the Dutch e-commerce landscape. Especially one of the current big players in the Netherlands,, will have to invest a lot to keep their share in the market because one thing we know for sure: Amazon will become a big player in the Netherlands. Through a short introduction, we want you to get familiar with this ecommerce giant.

Amazon advertising accreditation 

You can’t avoid getting in touch with Amazon. So why not use this channel for your business purposes? For example, you can sign up as a vendor or seller to sell products on Amazon yourself – or sell your inventory to Amazon so that they resell your products. You can do all of this through the amazon advertising platform, which is fully designed to help you sell your products as efficiently as possible. If you still have doubts about your skills, you always have the possibility to get an Amazon advertising sponsored ads certification first. In this course you will get to know the entire console, setting up campaigns and creating a store.


Partner up!

Not quite sure yet if Amazon is the right option for you? Then you’ve come to the right place at Sprints & Sneakers. We look closely at trends in the market and can determine whether Amazon is the right retail partner for your company. We already have our Amazon advertising certification and can tell you exactly how it works. Would you like to outsource the entire selling process? That is possible! Through our advertising account we can take care of all the activities. Interested? Then have a cup of coffee with one of our advertising specialists Sharif. You can reach him via

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