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In our last blog, we talked about iconic growth hacks that made it to the wall of fame. Being a growth hacking agency means we live and breath hacks, but, truth be told, most people do not become hall-of-famers on their first day on the job. Here’s why today we decided to make your way to the top a bit easier. For all the growth hackers wannabes out there, here are five simple Growth Hacks that you could be implementing tomorrow. 

5 Growth Hacks to get you started

Do a giveaway

People love free stuff. Especially people in the Netherlands. They are definitely willing to follow your brand and engage with you or, even better, provide their personal data, in order for a chance to win. Have you ever thought of just giving something away for once? If set-up properly, you will be able to earn the cost back from the first email you send after your giveaway.

Sleeping beauties

If you are in business for a while, chances are that you have a large customer base you built up over the years. Ask yourself, how much of my total customer base is still buying regularly from us? And if this percentage is too small, why is that? You are often allowed to contact your customers, engage with your sleeping customer base through a series of personalized emails in order to reactivate them.

Brandname hijacking

Let’s stick to Google Ads because a lot of companies use it. Have you ever considered just buying your competitors’ or market leader’s traffic? Check out this bold strategy by Sendinblue versus Mailchimp.

Gather leads through your brand name Google Ads

Recently, Google introduced Lead Form Extensions. This allows you to capture email addresses directly from your Google ad in the search results. Combine this extension with mentioning your newsletter or whitepaper that potential clients can receive from you, put it on your branded Google Ads, and watch your database grow. Still finding your way around Ads? Check out our Q/A blog!

Give every new and happy client a unique referral code

Each new client is a reason to celebrate. However, what if each new client could bring another client? By first automating the review process for new clients (through Active Campaign or a similar software), you’ll get a steady and valuable feedback loop. If you find out the client is over the moon with your services, why not ask them if they would literally recommend you? Provide them with a two-way referral code to make it interesting to all included parties and get ready to grow!

Growth Hacking Beginners’ Toolkit

There are some things at S&S we simply could not live without. Here are some essentials that should never be missing in every aspiring growth hackers’ toolkit:
Not growth hacking tools in essence, but essential to our process. Trello allows you to manage and assign all specific tasks required in the growth process whereas Asana allows you to easily log and rank your backlog full of awesome ideas for growth.
Slack is just a communication tool? Very wrong! Integrations with a variety of software make Slack so much more than that. Think Google Calendar, Active Campaign, Typeform, Integromat, and Zapier. If you are using Slack to communicate with others, try letting Slack communicate with you.
Credit where credit is due, the people over at Phantombuster know their stuff. Whether you want to automate Instagram or scrape data from LinkedIn, here is the place to be. 
When organizing giveaways on a bigger scale, specific viral software such as Viralsweep can be life-saving. You’ll be able to reach a larger audience, get more engagement, and have access to detailed ‘viral analytics’.
Integromat calls itself ‘the glue of the internet’, quite awesome right? With Integromat or Zapier we are able to connect systems that do not facilitate this by themselves (e.g. Facebook and Google) in order to maximize the performance and synergy of our campaigns. 

Our Beginner’s Guide to Growth Hacking

There you go! 5 growth hacks and 5 tools to get you started with growth hacking. Do you want to learn more? We wrote a Beginners Guide to Growth Hacking with more hacks, tools, best practices, and everything else you need to know to start hacking your growth. Drop us your email and we will send it to you.

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