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Black friday emails tips

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Email marketers: it’s that time of the year again.

Only 7 days separate us from the most awaited day of the year for both shoppers and brands. Black Friday campaigns are certainly a lot to handle, but If planned correctly, they can be every email marketer’s best friend. 

Black Friday will be falling on November 27, 2020, and it’s going to start sooner and last longer, so that means you have still time to make some last-minute adjustments.

It’s the most chaotic time of the year for shoppers’ inboxes and, as fantastic as your deal can be, there is still a possibility it will get lost between tons of other emails. As a growth hacking agency we feel that standing out in our customers’ inboxes is the true challenge we will be facing, this year more than ever. The pandemic will see shoppers prefer the safety of online shopping rather than overcrowded shops, and 2020’s Black Friday is set to break every record, with competition being fiercer than ever before.

First things first, the structure:

Great promotions and eye-catching templates are a must, but they won’t mean anything if they are not following structured plannings. Whatever tool you are using, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Moosend, you need to make sure your automated email flow is all set and ready to go. 

Every brand has its strategy, and the number of emails changes according to the duration of the campaign and how you will spread them throughout the time, but the thumb rule is 3 emails is too little and 10 is too much. Try to send between 5 and 7 emails, you don’t want to sound intrusive or end up in the spam folder, but sending only one email will not make the cut. 

You are a traditional Black Friday-er and are only sending a one-day promotion? There is no reason not to build a flow anyway. Here’s how:

  • start with a sneak peek to tease your customers and build some suspense around a great deal that is coming.
  • send a countdown email (are you ready? You only have to wait 12 more hours…) to build up the wait till the actual promotion. 
  • Don’t forget to send a  reminder, and try to give a sense of urgency (ending soon, not so much time left).
  • Wrap it up with a pre-Cyber Monday email (Didn’t get what you want? Here’s a second chance).
  • A proper Cyber Monday email to end in style.
  • We will talk about the importance of received order emails so trust us on this one and send a follow-up email thanking for the purchase, maybe offering a new discount, or asking to give you a follow on social media.

Ever heard of SMS Wednesday?

Users often buy during pre-Black Friday promotions, SMS Campaigns sent before Black Friday earn 75% higher order rates than Cyber Monday. If you want to start an SMS campaign,  Wednesday is your day!

With an opening rate of 98%, experts see SMS as the primary revenue-boosters for the coming holiday season. Time to collect all those phone numbers and let SMS work their magic for your eCommerce.  Do you know what’s the one channel not only faster but with a higher opening rate than SMS? Its cooler brother, WhatsApp. 

  • 99%: Whatsapp opening rate, 
  • 5: maximum number of minutes on average before a message is seen 
  • 23: the times a day average users check WhatsApp

Do you want to start using Whatsapp Business automated messages for your Black Friday campaigns? It’s way easier than you think, if you want to try it, check it out here

Don’t underestimate after purchase emails

Did you know order confirmation emails count the highest open or click through rate? The moment after the purchase is when satisfaction and brand trust reach their highest peak, it’s a great opportunity to turn confirmation email into something more valuable than a cold “order received”. An example? Trying to offer a discount on the next purchase or ask your new customers to follow your social media pages.

Standing out starts from the subject line

Avoid the obvious, instead, invest some time in writing subject lines that you would like to see in your own inbox. Think of the number of emails you personally receive during this time of the year, so you really need another “Black Friday starts now!“?

  • Subject lines showing discounts have an average conversion rate of 18.1%, , while for those that don’t the percentage falls at 3.8%.
  • A simple [firstnsame] merge tag can go a long way in terms of opening rate and engagement, with personalized emails having 29% higher open rates.

  • Honesty: it should go without saying, but your subject line needs to reflect the content of the email. The desire to be noticed should never push you to promise something you are not offering, otherwise, you might find yourself with high opening rates and an even higher amount of unsubscribers.

Now what?

Ok, you got them to open your email, now you only have 11 seconds to keep their attention. Here’s a checklist to help you do just that:

  • Highlight your unique selling points (free shipping, next day delivery, returns)
  • Use power words: astounding, dreamy, unforgettable, jaw-dropping, go wild!
  • People react to deadlines and urgency, use the appropriate wording (Time is running out”, “Get it before it’s gone”, “Last chance”).
  • Try using GIFs, videos, countdown timers, and interactive content.
  • Showcase your products, bestsellers, and recommendations.
  • Be recognizable, staying true to your brand identity is a must.
  • Create an exclusive email deal for your customers.
  • Stick to a clean, readable email structure and clear call to action.
  • Add reviews and social proof under your products.
  • Use emojis can increase your click-through-rate by as much as 28%.
  • Last but not least, offer free shipping promotions to encourage purchases.

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