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How to grow your organisation if you only work with volunteers who have minimum time besides their full time job? The Buddy Obastacle Run, which is a part of the foundation called Battle4kids, asked us that specific question. Thanks to a great growth session, we’ve found some nice opportunities to optimize their current communication strategy and workflow.  

"How can we save time organizing our communication strategy the right way?"

- Buddy Obstacle Run -

Introducing Growth Hacking

The Buddy Obstacle Run is an event where participants take a course where they have to face different obstacles. The Obstacle Run is for young people, families, athletes and disabled people too. Last named participate in the run together with a buddy. All participants can collect sponsor money for charity.

Ivy and Maartje have facilitated a growth hacking session to a part of the Buddyrun team. What can growth hacking do for them as a non-profit organisation? Together they’ve collected many ideas for each phase of the Pirate funnel. These can be used to make some real impact and for reaching more people than they do now. 

Communication strategy

Returning to the question of how they can create more structure in their organisation and workflow. We have given them some useful insights into their communication strategy. Which content themes can they use for each channel? And what is the message they want to convey to their target audience? How can you translate that to a nice content planning for the whole year? With the right tooling for automating this process as much as possible, they can save a lot of valuable time.  

Process and automations

Up next, Sharif has shared some of his knowledge of how to optimise their current workflow and process. The volunteers of the Buddyrun don’t see each other daily which makes it difficult to keep speed in their activities. And besides that, it’s tough to keep an eye on all activities that have to be done for the next running event. Sharif helped them with the right project management tool and showed them how to organise it well. 

Finally, Justin joined them to tell something about data and automation. The foundation has a lot of data that they can use for their online communication and advertising. As you know, we love data and showing others what they can do with it, is what we like to do most. 

A lot of new opportunities and insight for the team of the Buddy Obstacle Run. We wish them all the best! 


Are you working for a similar organisation or do you commit yourself as a volunteer for a charity? Curious about what we can do for you? Please, feel free to contact us! We look forward to seeing you.

The next Buddy Obstacle Run takes place on the 27th of June. More information about it here.

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