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Deel de kennis:

Through De Nieuwe Gevers (literal translation = the New Givers), a platform that connects professionals with organisations that have a social interest, we saw a project that we thought was a perfect match! The Aids Fonds was curious about the methods of Growth Hacking and how they could apply this to cases within the organisation. It is because of the fact that the subsidy has been stopped on a large number of products that provide them with information about safe sex. 

"As an organisation, we have developed sex education curricula over the past 30 years."
- Aids Fund -

The case

The case we dealt with this day is as follows: To this end, we use government subsidies to develop it and distribute it to secondary schools. Soon we will no longer be allowed to use government subsidies for this because they are labeled as state aid. This means that we have to go to our ‘customers’ (schools and public health services) to hear what they want and whether or not they want to pay for it. We think we can use growth hacking to test a variety of ideas.

We started the day with an introduction to growth hacking, where it originated from and the different methods we use within Sprints & Sneakers. After a few small assignments such as the construction of the marketing funnel, we started with a brainstorming session about the case. After the final grouping of ideas, it is now up to the Aidsfonds to transform them into experiments and to execute them. We wish them every success and hope that they will be able to pass on the message of this product for a long time to come.


Are you also working for an organisation with a Growth Hacking issue or business case? We would like to help you. In addition to the sessions we have held for the Aids Fund, for example, we offer our services to civil society organisations at a greatly reduced rate.

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