Retention Marketing: What is it and why it is important for every company.

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What is retention marketing?

Retention marketing is really important for any company that wants to grow and be successful. It’s cheaper and better to keep the customers you already have instead of getting new ones. In this article, we’re going to learn about a way for businesses to keep their customers happy and coming back. It’s called retention marketing. We’ll also learn about different ways to do it, why it’s good for the business, and some examples of how other companies have done it successfully. Plus, we’ll give you tips for starting your own retention marketing plan.

How to start using retention marketing today

Retention marketing is a way for businesses to make sure their customers stay happy and loyal to them. Instead of just trying to get new customers, the focus is on keeping the ones they already have. This is really important for a business to grow and be successful because it’s cheaper and better to keep the customers you already have, instead of trying to get new ones. If you are looking to start using retention marketing today, here are some steps you can take to get started:


  1. Analyze your customer data: The first step in retention marketing is to understand your customers. This includes gathering data on their demographics, preferences, and behavior. This can be done through surveys, customer feedback, and analytics tools. By analyzing this data, you will be able to identify patterns and trends that can inform your retention marketing strategy.
  2. Divide your customers into groups: After you learn more about your customers, you can put them into different groups based on things like their age, how they act, and what they like. This will allow you to create targeted and personalized retention campaigns that are more likely to be effective.
  3. Develop retention campaigns: Think of ways to make sure customers keep buying from us by using the information we have about them and making different plans for different kinds of customers. Like, send them emails, give them cool prizes, make it special for them, help them come back, and give them good deals.
  4. Make it personal: To work well, the plans you made to keep customers should be made just for them. This means using their name, what they bought before, and giving them things they like.
  5. Continuously improve: Retention marketing is an ongoing process. It’s essential to keep track of customer feedback, analyze customer data, and make adjustments to your campaigns as needed. Continuously improving your retention marketing efforts will help you to retain more customers and increase revenue.


If a business does these things, they can make plans that will keep their customers coming back and help the business grow. Remember, retention marketing is not something you do just once, it’s something you have to keep doing and keep making better.

The 7 different types of retention marketing

Retention marketing is a crucial strategy for businesses looking to keep customers engaged and coming back for more. There are many different ways to make retention marketing plans, and each one has its own good points.

If a business knows how to use all these different ways to keep customers interested and coming back, they can make a plan that will help them keep customers coming back for more.


Reactivation based retention

Reactivation-based marketing is a retention strategy that aims to bring back inactive customers. This kind of plan is for customers who haven’t talked to the business in a while and wants to get them back by giving them rewards or deals. The goal is to remind customers of the value a business provides, and make it easy for them to return. Reactivation-based marketing plans can be done through email, messages on your phone, or ads that are just for you. These plans are very good at bringing back customers who haven’t been around for a while, if they are done at the right time and for the right people. By focusing on getting inactive customers back, businesses can get more customers and make more money.


Referral-based customer retention

Referral-based customer retention is a way to make customers tell other people about a business. When customers are happy and tell their friends and family about the business, it can get the business more customers. This kind of retention plan can give customers discounts or rewards for telling others about the business. Businesses can also create a program where customers can give their friends and family a special code to use. By making customers tell others about the business, it can get more customers, make them more interested, and make them come back more. Plus, when other people hear about the business from someone they know, they are more likely to trust and believe in the business.


Onboarding customer retention

Making sure new customers have a good start with a company is called onboarding customer retention. This can be things like sending a nice welcome email, giving them helpful stuff to read, and being ready to answer any questions they have. By doing this, the company has a better chance of keeping the customer for a long time and the customer will trust and believe in the company more.

Subscription based retention

Subscription-based customer retention means a company does things to keep customers using their service over and over again. This includes being helpful and friendly, giving special deals or offers, and making sure the service keeps getting better. The company can also make it easy for customers to tell their friends about the service and listen to what the customers have to say. They can also look at customer information to see if some people might stop using the service and try to keep them happy. By doing these things, the company can make more money and keep more customers using their service.


Content based retention marketing

Content-based retention marketing is when a company gives customers interesting and helpful information, like articles, videos, audio shows or books. This helps to keep customers interested in the company and they will be more likely to stay. By giving good information, the company can become an expert in their field and customers will trust them more. This way of marketing also helps the company get more loyal customers because they will come back if they think the information is good.


Loyalty and Rewards-based retention

LA way for companies to make customers want to keep buying from them is called loyalty and rewards-based retention. This can be done by giving good deals or discounts to people who buy a lot, having a special club for loyal customers, or giving other rewards for coming back. These programs make customers feel special and want to keep buying from the company. Also, these programs can give the company information about their customers, which can be used to make special offers for them and make their experience better. Overall, this strategy can help a company keep more customers and make them come back more often.


Community-based customer retention

Community-based customer retention is a strategy that companies use to make their customers want to stick around by making them feel like they’re part of a group. This can be done by giving them ways to talk to each other, like on social media, online forums, or in person events. By making customers feel like they belong, the company can make them more loyal and likely to keep buying. Also, when customers talk to each other, the company can learn more about what they want and need, which can help them improve their products or services and make the customers happier. Overall, this strategy can help a company keep more customers and make them want to come back more often.

The benefits of using retention marketing

  • Firstly, retention marketing can help increase revenue for a business. When customers buy from a company more than once, they usually spend more money than new customers. It’s usually cheaper for a company to keep customers they already have instead of getting new ones. If a company focuses on keeping their customers, they can make more money in the long run and it will be more cost-effective.


  • Secondly, retention marketing can also help improve customer loyalty. By keeping customers satisfied and engaged, businesses can build a loyal customer base that is more likely to stick around. This can lead to a positive reputation, which can help attract new customers as well.


  • Thirdly, retention marketing can also provide valuable customer data. When a company looks at information about their customers, they can find out if some customers might stop using their service and try to keep them happy. Also, if a company gives good information, they can become an expert in their field and customers will trust them more.


  • Lastly, retention marketing can also help businesses build a sense of community among customers. If a company makes customers feel like they’re part of a group, they’re more likely to want to keep buying from the company. Also, when customers talk to each other, the company can learn more about what they want and need.


In summary, retention marketing is important for companies because it helps them keep their customers happy, make more money, learn more about their customers, and make their customers feel like they’re part of a group. By keeping their customers, companies can make more money in the long run and have a better reputation which will help them get new customers.

Examples of successful retention marketing strategies


Nike does a good job of making it easy for customers to get help from them no matter where or how they shop. They have different ways for customers to contact them like email, live chat, social media, and an app. They also make it easy for customers to return or exchange things and have a good return policy. Nike also has a special app that customers can use to track their orders, see what they bought before, and get special deals. This way of doing customer service helps Nike keep their customers happy and loyal, which makes them want to buy more things from Nike.



Zappos is known for its great customer service and how they keep their customers. They have a “thank you” way of doing things, which means they show they are grateful to customers before and after they buy something. For example, they send thank you emails and include small gifts in their packages. They also have a rewards program where customers can earn points for buying things and other actions, which they can use to get discounts and other perks. Zappos also has a team that focuses on making sure customers are happy with their purchase, they can solve any problems and even make the purchase better to show appreciation. They also have a feature on their website where customers can recognize employees who did a great job. This helps show appreciation for employees and encourages them to keep doing a good job. Overall, this “thank you” approach helps Zappos build a sense of community and loyalty among customers, making them more likely to buy again.



Nordstrom is a fancy store chain that is good at keeping their customers. They have a team that looks at what customers say and uses it to make the shopping experience better. They have a way for customers to easily tell them what they think on their website or in store. They also have a rewards program where customers can get discounts and other perks if they give feedback. They also have a special type of store called “Nordstrom Local” which is smaller and has personal styling, tailoring, and pickup services.. This concept is a result of customer feedbacks, where they were looking for more personalized services and shorter wait times.


In general, because Nordstrom pays attention to what customers say, they know what their customers want and need. This makes the shopping experience better and helps keep customers coming back.

Some final tips for creating successful retention strategies:

  • Personalization: Use customer data to personalize communications and recommendations, making the customer feel valued and understood.


  • Exceptional customer service: Give really good help to customers, like having people who can help fast and letting people return things easily.


  • Rewards program: Develop a rewards program that incentivizes repeat purchases and brand loyalty.


  • Incorporate customer feedback: Listen to what customers say and look at it to make sure we’re doing a good job and making things better for them.


  • Build community: Make people who buy from us feel like they’re part of something by sharing our ideas, having fun events and giving rewards to people who keep coming back. This can create emotional connections with your brand and increase customer retention.

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