Growth Hacking for Good

Growth Hacking for Charities

We set our sights on improving the world through Growth Hacking. Sprints & Sneakers likes to think with its clients to make an impact, including on the environment. For example, we are happy to help organizations like The Ocean Cleanup with advice and campaigns to raise even more awareness of their goals.

Making the world a little better together

For us, growth hacking is more than just optimizing a funnel. Our work is a big 8 if our customers are happy but a 10 if we can also contribute to a better environment.

Not only for money.

At Sprints & Sneakers, we go beyond growth hacking for commercial parties.

We are constantly looking at our own growth and what impact it has on society. In addition to doing our bit for charities, we also do a nice thing here and there for our neighborhood. For example, during the holidays we made Christmas arrangements to take to lonely elderly people in Amsterdam.

But this is far from everything. We believe in using our knowledge and expertise to make social impact.

We also think of the neighbor

Thus, we invest time and effort to help social organizations with their goals. In Amsterdam Oost where we have our headquarters we like to think along with entrepreneurs in the neighborhood and bring a flower to the other neighbor on International Women's Day. A better world starts with a smile.

Do you have a project and can we help you?

Foto van Greta, medewerker van Sprints & Sneakers

Adding growth to society

Thus, we invest time and effort to help social organizations with their goals. Through the use of smart marketing and growth hacks, we ensure growth within these organizations so they can make more impact with their social projects.

We are happy to help you.

Are you working at such a social organization and have an issue or business case around growth hacking? Or are you simply curious how growth hacking can provide you with the solution to make more impact?

Each quarter we help an organization that needs it to grow. We enjoy this and do it free of charge. So we helped the AIDS Fund, the Ocean Cleanup, and Buddy Run and many more wonderful organizations. Who do you think we should help?

Growth Hacking with Sprints and Sneakers is done because of:

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