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Stop marketing, start growth hacking

Growth hacking makes marketing measurable We aim for rapid growth: reach, traffic, users, customers, repeat business and ambassadors. Based on our own pirate funnel, we focus on the most important KPIs on the way to growth

Our growth hacking methodology is suitable for B2B, B2C, web shops, apps, software companies and retailers. The experimental and effective way of working in sprints is the common denominator, and with smart alterations we ensure that our process fits seamlessly with your company, team and target group.

Growth Hacking how does it work?

We translate your company vision, objectives and the current customer journey with its data points back into quarterly objectives, into sprint objectives and into daily experiments and activities so that the work we do today has the greatest impact on the ultimate shared objectives and ambitions.

What it really is? We look for the most effective and efficient ways to grow your organization. By working in sprints we can experiment at lightning speed and scale up successes for maximum and sustainable results. And we make it fun too!

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking

With proven techniques we crack your complete funnel



Before we get started with growth hacking to make an impact for your business, it is extremely important to get the basics right. Sprints & Sneakers works super data-driven. To properly measure all our efforts, activities and experiments, we make sure your infrastructure stands like a house.

Growth for Good

Growth for Good

We like to think and help with projects that do something good for the world

Growth Audit


With a growth audit, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your growth strategy and identify potential opportunities and threats. Relevant insights into the existing growth strategy ensure that we don't have to reinvent the wheel and can therefore achieve rapid steps towards growth.
'Ons doel is om vandaag bezig te zijn met de activiteiten die het meest bijdragen aan groei op de lange termijn'
'Zonder te meten, kunnen we de effectiviteit niet weten.'
'Tijd en geld zijn schaarse assets in de meeste organisaties'
'Daily standups en maandelijkse sprints voor optimale effectiviteit'

Growth Hacking with Sprints and Sneakers is done because of:

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