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Make your Mark: Branding as the Foundation for Growth

Blah blah blah branding. “Nice, who cares about the brand, as long as my business grows I’m content.” Sounds logical, but a brand is more than just a name and a logo. It is the foundation of your company and the basis for sustainable growth. 89% of people prefer to buy from a company they know.

So, what does your brand look like, how does it sound, and how do you make it recognizable to your target audience? And more importantly, why does your company exist?


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.” Marketing guru Simon Sinek is clear about it: Your brand story starts with the question of why it exists. And if we may add: What do you contribute to this world that is good for people and the planet? What world problems are you going to solve with your company?

Sprints & Sneakers helps you discover your WHY and establish a strong positioning. Positive impact should be a natural part of your brand strategy. So, we don’t only look at the Customer, Company, and Competition, but also at the world, or rather, the Climate.

People make the brand

Branding starts internally because your people carry the brand values outward and create certain associations with the target audience through all their communication. Internal branding should not be missing in a good brand strategy and is a standard part of a brand journey with Sprints & Sneakers.

A strong brand proposition also helps to attract new talent. Not only are your own employees ambassadors for your recruitment, but your marketing communication can also be a strong driver in recruitment. That’s why our brand and recruitment specialists assist in setting up a successful employer branding.

All components of a strong brand, combined correctly, contribute to a consistent brand story. The foundation for long-term growth. How are you going to invest in your brand? Contact brand strategist Jorn Agterberg for advice, free of charge.

For every brand, at every life cycle stage

How can Sprints & Sneakers help you build a strong brand? Whether you want to launch a new brand, need a complete repositioning, or it’s time to dust off and revitalize your current brand story, we are happy to help! Not sure which service you need? Schedule a conversation with brand strategist Jorn Agterberg for free advice.


Away with the old, in with the new. A completely new strategy and visual identity that breathes new life into your brand. 💥


A new positioning in the market. We look at the WHAT and explore possibilities for maximum growth. 🚀


A refresher for your brand. The majority stays the same. However, the way you communicate your WHY changes. 🧽

You choose branding with Sprints & Sneakers because of:

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