Growth Infrastructure Service


Growth Hacking is the 2.0 of digital marketing. Before we can get started, we’ll put your infrastructure on a solid 1.0 foundation. Based on our growth audit, we know exactly where the infrastructure is lacking in your online landscape. After writing our report, we address this directly with you (the client).

The basis of your marketing

With a Growth Audit, we look at how your online channels are doing. What is the current performance and what channels are (un)utilized? Together with your team's point of contact, the Sprints & Sneakers team will work out a plan to close all the gaps in your online marketing channels, creating a first layer of infrastructure. This forms the basis on which we can ensure that your business can grow rapidly with our methodologies.


Infrastructure components

What all is covered by infrastructure?

There are a number of topics our clients need to score high in to start growth hacking. If you still have doubts about this, however, that is not a problem because we have expertise and experts in each of these areas.

Product Market Fit

Foto van Greta, medewerker van Sprints & Sneakers

Product Market Fit

Is there a match between business model and customer needs?


GIF van Bob die een driehoek tekent

Product Market Fit

Do we know where customers come from and what they do?

Bob's magic finger



Mike Builds Growth

Are all the most valuable actions automated?


Foto van Sharif, medewerker van Sprints & Sneakers

Sharif Throws Growth

Is there a well-performing website both technically and visually?

Growth Hacking with Sprints & Sneakers is something you do to:

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