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Hacker Level

Bart Snijders

Owner, founder

Gijs Seubers

Co-Owner & Head of Growth

Sigi van 't Schip

Content Marketeer

Monique Wols

Growth Hacker

Jorg Eising

Growth Hacker

Julian New

Head of Branding & Content

Max Zidek

Events Lead & Growth Hacker

Hugo Willemse

Talent Hacker

Bart Toxopeus

Head of New Business

Stijn Kat

Head of Partnerships

Anique Wijnhoud


Stijn van Willigen

Growth Hacker

Gino Boekelaar

Talent & Growth Hacker

Bob de Vries

Growth Hacker

Danique Levering

Growth Hacker

Jeroen Mulder

Growth Lead

Steven Sierhuis

Growth Hacker

Jamiro Chin-Ten-Fung

Growth Hacker

Bas Gosewisch

Growth Lead

Max Kapteijns

Growth Hacker

Jasper Prawijaya

Growth Hacker

Lisa Ringnalda

Visual Content Marketeer

Marijn Kouw

Growth Hacker

Sharif Sediqui

Growth Lead

Wesley van Duin

Growth Hacker

Maxim van Selst

Growth Hacker

Dorus Kaandorp

Growth Lead

Roï Maktubi

Growth Hacker

Lucas Hoogstraten

Growth Hacker

Julia Hamp

Growth Hacker

Philip van Rijk

Growth Hacker
Sprints & Sneakers

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