Sean Nakagawa

Wat maakt Sprints and Sneakers zo leuk?

Absolutely the people and culture! Everyone is ambitious, clever, and always willing to lend a hand! And guess what? I got to kickstart my adventure with a thrilling team trip to Berlin during your very first month! How awesome is that?!

Wat is je grootste win?

A YouTube series I helped produce hit a whopping 600K+ views! It's mind-blowing to see how hard work and creativity paid off big time!

Wat is je leukste fail?

I found myself stranded in Antwerp after my first client visit because of the heaviest summer storm in fifty years.

Mijn Growth Hack Specialiteit:

Paid ads, branding and storytelling

Jouw grootste passie naast growth hacking?

Cooking, traveling and music

Sprints & Sneakers

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