10 Tips To Upgrade Your Instagram Ads

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10 Tips To Upgrade Your Instagram Ads

In today’s shaky economy, effective advertising is crucial, and Instagram offers a prime opportunity to reach a large, engaged audience. As the fourth most-used social platform, it’s a goldmine for businesses big and small.

With millions of monthly active users, Instagram has become a go-to channel for nearly 80% of marketers aiming to boost brand awareness and drive sales. These marketers find that Instagram helps them connect with potential buyers at the tap of a screen and increases website traffic.

But let’s face it: leveraging Instagram ads can be challenging, primarily when millions of other brands compete for attention.

That’s why we’ve compiled a guide featuring 10 actionable tips for Instagram ads in 2023. Read on to learn how to stay ahead of the curve.

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1. Pick the right Visuals

Instagram isn’t just a place to show off pretty pictures; it’s a stage where emotions come to play. Want to grab attention and drive those sales? It’s not just about having crisp photos of your products.

Did you know that showcasing people genuinely interacting with your items can amp up the buying intent on Instagram by a whopping 70%?

Here’s how to truly engage your audience:

Spark Curiosity: Post photos that make people tilt their heads and think, “What’s the story behind this?” A dash of intrigue does wonders.

Ignite Inspiration: Let your followers see the bigger picture. How does your product enhance lives, champion the environment, or help them reach those personal milestones?

Kindle Desire: Make them think, “I’ve got to have that!” It could be your product looking oh-so-tempting or a mesmerizing snapshot of a must-visit destination.

Create Urgency: Who doesn’t fear missing out? Throw in those limited-time deals or can’t-resist offers to get them clicking.

The devil’s in the details. Play with filters, edits, and special effects to make your product pop. Your aim? Make that post so darn irresistible that they can’t help but pause their endless scrolling.

Here’s a quick tip: since most people are right-handed, position your product in a way that makes it seem easily graspable for the right hand—a small change that can deliver big results.

To add another layer of authenticity and engagement, feature selfies from diverse users enjoying your product. This taps into the potency of user-generated content and influencer marketing, making your product relatable and building trust with your audience]

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2. Continuously Improve the copy

Crafting the perfect Instagram ad? It’s like mixing a cocktail of creativity, strategy, and deep insight into your audience. First things first, know who you’re talking to. Dive deep into your target demographics so your message feels like a heart-to-heart chat.

Now, your headline? Think of it as the showstopper. It’s got to be sharp, snappy, and so intriguing that folks just have to pause their endless scrolling.

And sure, dazzling images or videos can turn heads, but let them complement, not dominate your words.

Pro tip: Go easy on hashtags and emojis. You want eyes on your message, not getting lost in a sea of symbols.

And don’t leave your audience hanging. A clear call-to-action (CTA) is your best friend. Leave no room for confusion about what step they should take next. Want to know what works best? Experiment with A/B testing. Tweak and refine until your message isn’t just heard—it resonates.

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3. Leverage META Fantastic Targeting Algorithms 

Navigating the hurdles posed by Apple’s iOS 14.5 update to ad permissions isn’t straightforward, yet Instagram ads remain a compelling tool for audience engagement.

One effective strategy is to utilize lookalike audiences. By embedding a Facebook pixel on your website, the platform’s algorithms can pinpoint groups mirroring your engaged customers, amplifying ad visibility.

Harnessing this pixel data for remarketing can significantly diminish cart abandonment rates. Specifically, by targeting individuals who’ve browsed your site but didn’t finalize a purchase, you’re in a prime position to offer them compelling incentives, nudging them closer to conversion.

To take your strategy up a notch, delve into the META Conversions API found in Facebook Ads Manager.

This invaluable tool provides intricate campaign performance insights, enabling you to fine-tune your tactics beyond mere web tracking.

With traditional tracking becoming less dependable due to increased privacy regulations, these in-depth analyses are paramount for optimizing your campaigns’ effectiveness.

It’s also worth noting that not all engagement is beneficial. Approximately 10% of Instagram users are fake or operated by bots, which can distort your metrics and ramp up your advertising expenses.

Safeguard your investment by integrating a tool like CHEQ Essentials, designed to eliminate these inauthentic interactions.

If you’re uncertain about your target demographic or aim to expand your audience, opt for broad targeting. Entrusting Instagram’s sophisticated algorithm means tapping into a wider, yet pertinent, audience pool.

This strategy not only leverages Instagram’s robust data analytics to spot prospective customers but also offers a low-risk way to explore new markets without alienating your current followers.


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4. Try Video Ads

Videos are a powerful advertising medium on Instagram, captivating audiences with both visual and auditory elements. Their dynamic nature helps to tell a compelling story, better express your brand’s voice, and foster a deeper emotional connection with viewers.

The age-old saying claims that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, in our modern era, a video is priceless.

  • Animated Videos: Ideal for simplifying complex products or services, these videos also let you inject personality into your brand.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC): This authentic style provides strong social proof and can effectively build trust with your viewers.
  • Professional Videos: An investment in professionally crafted videos pays off by elevating your brand’s image to a level of high quality and sophistication.
  • Live Videos: Utilize live streaming to create a sense of community. These videos are perfect for Q&A sessions, exclusive reveals, or a sneak peek behind the scenes.
  • Lo-fi Videos: Don’t underestimate the appeal of simpler, more authentic videos. Sometimes, a homemade video can perform surprisingly well, blending into the user’s feed and holding their attention.

Tips for Maximizing Impact:

  • Experiment with Hooks: The initial three seconds—commonly known as the “hook”—are vital for grabbing viewer attention on platforms like Instagram. Mix up your hooks to gauge which ones achieve maximum engagement.
  • Variety of Offers: Presenting a solution to your audience’s needs is crucial. Whether you opt for discounts or value-added services, adapt your promotions according to what strongly resonates with your target consumers.
  • Video Length: While bite-sized, TikTok-like videos are all the rage, longer narratives can also be compelling. Depending on your product’s emotional or practical impact, a more extended format may be more engaging. Vary your video lengths to discover what interests your audience the most.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for video advertising. The landscape is ever-evolving, and consumer preferences can be fickle.

Continual experimentation will allow you to adapt and fine-tune your strategies, helping you discover the perfect blend of content types, offers, and lengths that resonate with your audience.

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5. Use Video Captions

According to a study by PLY Media, “66% of videos without captions are watched until the end, compared to 91% of videos with captions. This underlines the importance of crafting Instagram advertisements that effectively communicate your brand’s essence, even in silent mode. Here are some essential strategies to elevate your ads:

  • Add Video Captions: Make it a standard practice to incorporate closed captions into your video ads across social platforms, including Instagram. Doing so not only ensures accessibility for those who are deaf or hard of hearing but also boosts viewer engagement. According to Facebook’s own data, captioned ads sustain audience attention 12% longer than non-captioned ones.
  • Be Mindful of Music Choices: Though music can enhance the emotional undertones of your ad, it should not overshadow your core message. Aim to create content that can connect with the audience, even if the sound is off.
  • Collaborate with Influencers: Enlisting a reputable influencer who aligns with your brand can give your Instagram campaign a genuine touch. An influencer endorsement often leads to increased trust and engagement, offering a way to magnify the ad’s reach and credibility without relying on sound.

By following these tried-and-true strategies, you’re well on your way to developing Instagram video ads that capture attention and are accessible to all, regardless of whether the sound is on or off.

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6. Test out different ad formats

Expanding your Instagram ad campaign to include various formats, besides video enriches your messaging and deepens your understanding of what clicks with your target audience. Here are some promising options:

  • Instagram Shopping Ads: These ads transform your Instagram feed into a virtual marketplace, linking products directly to your e-commerce platform. The “Shop Now” button expedites the customer journey, taking users from discovery to checkout. By merging visual appeal with functionality, Shopping Ads simplify the shopping experience, potentially boosting conversions and ROI.
  • Instagram Reels: As a short-form video platform, Reels offers an innovative display of dynamic content. Its potential for high visibility—primarily via the Instagram Explore page—makes it an excellent platform for engaging, educational, or entertaining videos. Measure its performance against traditional video ads to gauge its impact.
  • Instagram Photo Ads: A classic, uncomplicated way to spotlight your products or services. With their high-quality visuals, these ads naturally capture attention and fit seamlessly into a user’s feed. Easy to create and quick to consume, they can also feature direct links or call-to-action buttons. What’s more, their impact is easily quantifiable, making photo ads an efficient yet impactful choice.
  • Collection Ads: This format combines a primary video or image with a row of related product images below it. When clicked, a full-screen shopping experience opens, providing an immersive way to showcase a curated set of products. It’s a catalog delivered within the Instagram interface. This format is incredibly effective for driving users down the funnel, allowing for immediate browsing and convenient purchase options without leaving the app. Collection Ads are ideal for businesses looking to showcase a range of products and lead users directly to the point of sale, thereby streamlining the path from discovery to purchase.
  • Carousel Posts: Carousel posts are a unique format that enables you to showcase multiple images or videos within a single ad space. This creates a richer viewing experience and provides ample context about your product or service. This is especially useful for storytelling or highlighting various product features. To optimize further, consider evaluating engagement metrics for each slide to determine what resonates most with your audience.
  • Story Highlights: Though not a conventional ad format, Story Highlights serve as a lasting repository for your ephemeral Story ads. This offers newcomers immediate exposure to key brand or product information, acting as a virtual storefront of its own.
  • Interactive Stories Features: Instagram Stories offer a range of interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, and questions. Incorporating these into your ads can encourage audience engagement and provide a rich source of direct feedback and valuable user data.

Diversifying your Instagram ad formats can enhance your brand’s messaging and provide valuable data on audience preferences. From simple Photo Ads to immersive Collection Ads and interactive Story Features, each format has a unique strength in capturing attention and driving conversions.

By employing a mix of these, you can build a more robust and data-driven advertising strategy, ultimately boosting ROI and customer engagement.

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7. Boost Organic Posts

Instagram promotions are like a boost button for your content. Ever wanted to show off that stellar post or story to more than just your followers? That’s where these come in. They’re perfect for seeing your content by a broader audience, whether you’re aiming to drive more people to your site, ramp up engagement, or just get your brand out there.

Now, how to get started. Choose a post or story you’re proud of, decide who you want to reach, set a budget, and choose how long you want it to run. Instagram does the heavy lifting, ensuring your content pops up for users who genuinely love what they see.

Remember, it’s like testing the waters with your regular posts. If a post is a hit organically, chances are it’ll shine even brighter with a little promotional push behind it. So, why not give it a shot?

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8. Focus your Ad Campaigns

Streamlining your Instagram campaigns under a single account does more than simplify administration—it’s a strategic move that amplifies your overall performance. The depth of data from a unified account enables algorithms to refine the effectiveness of your campaigns.

When you centralize your efforts, Instagram Insights becomes a robust analytics engine, equipping you with the hard data you need to fine-tune your strategy.

While immediate metrics like clicks and likes certainly matter, consolidating your campaigns into one account offers the advantage of a nuanced and consistent brand presentation. This impact extends beyond visual appeal.

Even if specific posts don’t generate immediate engagement, your unified brand image will make a lasting impression on your audience. Over the long term, this consistency boosts brand recall and awareness, subtly influencing users every time they scroll past your content.

Lastly, the operational benefits of managing your campaigns from a single account are significant. Automation tools, whether for content scheduling or customer service chatbots, work best when they can access a centralized data pool.

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9. Prioritise Mobile

Optimizing your ads for mobile viewing is essential in an age where over 4.08 billion people use mobile devices for social media. Here’s a streamlined guide to get you started:

Firstly, aim for a vertical format or a 9×16 aspect ratio when shooting a video. This makes it simpler to adapt your footage to a 4×5 format if needed.

Secondly, go light on text within your visuals. Mobile screens are small, and too many words can clutter your message. However, if text is necessary, opt for large, easily legible fonts on a smaller screen.

Lastly, enrich your video content with engaging animations and motion graphics. This can instantly grab your audience’s attention. Also, keep your videos concise, aiming for a duration of 15 seconds or less. This ensures your message is delivered swiftly without losing viewer interest.

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10. Use Social Listening Tools for the best Hashtags

Using a social listening tool can work wonders when picking hashtags for your Instagram ads. By keeping an ear on the ground for trending conversations and buzzwords in your field, you can spot the hashtags that truly click with your audience. This boosts both your reach and engagement.

Have you heard of tools like Brandmentions? They let you peek into what your potential customers are chatting about, revealing the kind of language they use.

This way, you’re not just tossing in any popular hashtag; you’re making smart, data-backed choices that sync with your brand and really grab your audience’s attention.

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Bonus Tip

One of Instagram’s advanced targeting options is geo-targeting, which allows you to target your ads based on location. If your product or service is relevant to specific geographic areas, you could tailor your campaigns accordingly and measure the results.

In summary, optimizing your Instagram ads isn’t just a one-time effort; it’s an ongoing process that requires attention to detail, a strong understanding of your target audience, and a willingness to experiment.

By focusing on key elements like creative visuals, compelling copy, and data-driven targeting, you can significantly improve your ROI. Remember, the tools and insights offered within Instagram’s ad platform are your allies in this journey. They provide valuable information that can help you refine your strategy over time.

As you adapt and evolve, so too will your ad performance. Commit to continual improvement and watch your Instagram campaigns reach new heights.

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