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Deel de kennis:

Growth hacking for good is a great asset at Sprints & Sneakers. Every quarter we help non-profit organizations develop with proven growth hacking techniques. This time we decided to support Nieuwe Haven’s project. 

What does Nieuwe Haven do?

Nieuwe Haven is an initiative of Lender & Spender, with this project they give people with payment arrears a chance for a new beginning, a clean slate, and a nice home. They do this by taking over all outstanding debts, making agreements with the creditors, and cleaning up the debtor on the best possible terms.

What are the benefits?

✅ Creditors are paid within one week.

This is extremely fast because when creditors want to enforce their claim in court, the process often takes months, if not years. 

✅ The debtor no longer receives reminders from all kinds of companies.

This finally gives them breathing room again, to make sure things get back to normal.

✅ Nieuwe Haven supports people to become more financially stronger.

Personal contact plays a key role in this, as does the sharing of knowledge.

What was the role of Sprints & Sneakers?

As a growth hacking agency, Sprints & Sneakers was able to help Nieuwe Haven move its first steps into the Google Ads scenario, the ideal place where supply and demand come together. Beforehand, during a brainstorming session, we assessed what was the best approach. In the end, we took the following steps:

Step 1. “Look before you leap” 🕵🏻‍♂️

We always start by identifying a specific goal: what do we want to achieve?
In this case, that was quite clear. Helping people with financial problems. With that in mind, we started brainstorming about the angles from which these people can look for help. Three main themes emerged from this:
1. Advice and Solving financial problems
2. Prevention and precautionary measures for growth
3. Alternatives to debt restructuring and debt counseling

Step 2. Keyword Research 🔎

The ads in Google Ads are triggered by keywords, in other words, the demand from the market, literally. Our task is to find out what are the search queries and which keywords are used to phrase them. We use tools such as Google Ads keyword planner and SEMrush to identify the best keyword opportunities. 

Step 3. Create and test advertisements 🧪

The three themes we identified were solving, prevention and alternatives. These are the starting point of our campaigns. We have created ad groups within these three campaigns, clustering similar keywords, so that the ads will give the best possible answer to what someone types in the Google search engine.

Step 4. Assess and optimize results 📈

Once we completed the steps above, the ads could go live, to then be optimized during the periodic checks.
*It is always smart to run a search term report, in order to see which keywords do not contribute to the objective formulated in step 1.

To conclude

While reading this blog, did you find yourself thinking you might know someone who would benefit from Nieuwe Haven’s help? Then send them this link. At Nieuwe Haven, you can count on complete discretion and a no-obligation intake takes place prior to an aid process.

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