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Growth hacking, full funnel marketing

We look for the most effective and efficient ways to grow your organization. Working in sprints allows us to experiment and scale up successes at lightning speed for maximum impact. We translate your company vision and goals back into quarterly goals, into sprint goals, and into daily activities so that the work we are engaged in today.

Growth Hacking with 227 channels

With a sizable experiment backlog prioritized on impact, feasibility and effort, we start experimenting, advertising and optimizing.

Can you work with Sprints & Sneakers?

Working with a Growth Hacking agency stands for rapid growth, where the right choices but also mistakes are allowed to be made. Organizations that work with us have growth and impact as their highest priority. The growth of our customers is our main focus. In doing so, Sprints & Sneakers customers are not afraid to do things differently than the competition.

Do you dare to work in an innovative way?

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We devise growth opportunities and rank them with the ICE model


We work in short sprints and conduct experiments

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With data we draw learnings and adjust our methodologies

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Upon a positive test and successful metrics based on revenue or profit, we scale up the channels

The sprints in our sneakers

The name says it all, we work in sprints. With a sprint we make an impact on a phase in the funnel. A sprint consists of the following phases:

  • Idea generation
  • Rank experiments
  • Quick testing
  • Study results
  • Scaling and automating successes

In this way, we quickly discover what makes an organization grow. The sooner we understand that the more we can engage in activities that make an impact.

The growth hacking agency that plays out the entire funnel

As a growth hacking agency, we go for growth across the entire funnel. And not just the top of the funnel. We base our strategy on the AAARRR (or Pirate Funnel). From first contact to active user and ambassador of your brand.

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With an audit we take a close look at your funnel and see where the most opportunities for growth lie.

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Growth Hacking with Sprints and Sneakers is done because of:

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